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The workshop has finally landed!

This is where all the magic happens! I really think that we’re all made of dozens of characters that we tend to suppress or ignore because of life and its boxes we love to fit in so much! Let me show you how going on that self-exploration journey can uplift your self-love, confidence and happiness; and how you can use clothes to channel all these amazing personalities!

Aww, tell me more!

During this 2-hour workshop, I’m going to show you how going on that self-exploration journey that I’ve embarked on a few years ago, can change the way you look at yourself and unleash the many characters you didn’t know you were made of! I’m also going to give you tips and tricks to combat the worries and insecurities that you will meet on this journey, and we’re going to play with clothes to see how they’re a great ally to channel your different personalities!

For private or corporate workshops, more info here.

Why should I get involved?

SMALL GROUPS: 20 people – ideal to meet new people, but ideal if you are shy too!

FUN, FUN, FUN: you know me by now, I don’t do dull! Expect a party! Giggles and dance moves, you’ve been warned!

CONFIDENCE KICK: It’s all about this fantastic journey that self-exploration is! Let’s meet your different characters, celebrate them and channel them.

Self-love, self-compassion and confidence are at the core, style comes as a weapon to bring out your Unleashed SHE.

SMALL PRICE: only £30 for now, and you leave with your confidence boosted and lots of ideas to do more with your current wardrobe – how savvy is that?

BUBBLES & NIBBLES: these workshops are like mini parties, bubbly and cupcakes are in order!

HANDS ON: it’s not just about me babbling, we’re mingling! And I have rails of clothes ready for us to play! And you will be asked to bring some of your fave pieces so you can learn to do more with your current wardrobe!



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Which Self Are You Today?

I attended the first #SHEUnleashed on January 20th at the Canvas Cafe off of Brick Lane..It was a small intimate workshop of around 20 other ladies and I was excited to see what the night had in store.. I came by myself and was glad I did as I found there were lots of lovely ladies there for me to get to know.Freddie herself is an absolutely amazing character; full of life, passion and honesty. She has the most immense and contagious energy I have ever experienced. As well as sharing her confidence journey, she shared her personal journey and I thank her for that as for me personally it made me realise I'm "not the only one" and also gave a connection to the other women sitting in the room.I left feeling valid, empowered.. Ready to take on something, anything.. And like I had gained something important on my own journey.

Left feeling like Beyonce

I have attended the workshop and I wasn't sure what to expect but I had such a great time. I met lovely people, Freddy was really warm and welcoming!I have entered the room as my every-day self and left feeling like the Beyonce version of me! Amazing Feeling, trust me....and then I went to do some shopping :-)

by Laura Jane Williams on The SHE Unleashed Workshop
Charm, Charisma, Genuinely helpful advice :)

I tweeted after the workshop that it never occurred to me somebody as dynamic, engaging and funny as Freddie could ever have been anything but. And yet - she tells the story of her own "unleashing" with such heart it empowered me to believe in my own.The workshop was full of like-minded women, I got useful and useable advice, and left feeling like my "I can do this!" well had been topped up a treat.Recommended! Especially if you go with a mate.