Hey lovelies,

First thing first, Happy Women’s Day ! It’s our day everyday, don’t get me wrong, but yesterday we are aaaaall they talked about 😉

I can’t begin to tell you how life changing starting SHE Unleashed has been. I really love this workshop, I genuinely built it around my own experience, featuring all these tips and hacks that helped me and still do, along the years. Introducing it to women, hearing their feedback, sharing my stories, hearing their stories. It’s such a beautiful thing. It’s like a very fun, long-lasting healing process. A sort of group healing affair 😉

But anyway, thanks to this venture, I met so many women, and I’m just obsessed with womanhood now. Sisterhood. Since I’ve been invited to several panels, and every time I just meet more amazing women. I now can’t seem to part with this idea that we are totally, completely, ABSOLUTELY limitless. Especially when together! By the way, The Lifestyle Edit and SHE Unleashed are working on some magic for you, the aim being to hang out with you guys even more! And red wine fuelled evening work dates make the prep even more fun!

Anyway. Yesterday morning I was invited by Bobbi Brown, the charity Smart Works (they provide high quality interview clothes for low income & out-of-work women – check them out) for the #PrettyPowerful campaign (you want to check that one too!It’s a partnership with Girls Rising). Megababe Clara Amfo was there and gave me the warmest hug, I also met Rebekah Staton (Raised by Wolves), Thomasina Miers (co-founder of Wahaca) and the amazing Laura Trott (Team GB cycling gold medal). We all wrote down mantras to share, some women read out some poetry so there I was, 8:30 in the morning, rocked by some powerful Maya Angelou.. All of a sudden, I just felt this warmth in my whole body, as my eyes swept around the room: we were this bunch of women, all in the same room, from different walks of life, different ages, origins; just taken aback by this beautiful moment – it just got me emotional.

Until I got bitter (because I always do, don’t I?) and thought of how much we pick on each other (I’ll tell you in a minute what actually got me thinking about this) when really there’s room for every each and single one of us to grow, to bloom and to shine. I shared this message yesterday on Instagram, so you might have read it already, but I also got to thinking that if you ever feel jealous of a woman, you just simply befriend her. There’s obviously something that she has that intrigues you; befriend her when possible (quick note to self: stalking Beyoncé doesn’t count!), breathe her magic and share yours…

And maybe you noticed but yesterday I also took over LIKEtoKNOW.it’s Instagram account. If you don’t know it, it’s a very cool shopping and story-telling account where if you initially subscribe on their website, receive the links to the different pieces of the outfits you just liked on their page. It’s also how you can shop my looks on Instagram, every time you see #likeit in the caption: just like it, to know it 😉

They offered me to take over their page for International Woman’s day to share the SHE Unleashed message to their followers, I was so flattered. It was quite intense, they featured 10 photos throughout the day (Tom and I had to shoot most of it on Sunday, what would I do without him??). I received sooo many lovely comments, and you know I’m not one to really dwell on the negative, but I’ve come to realise that maybe it’s also because I don’t, actually, have to deal with a lot of negative comments or mean people. Everyone has always been so lovely to me online. But on there there was some comments that were rather hurtful; and you know me by now, I never expect people to agree with my sometimes-very-crazy style (that fluffy jumper and bright pink bag didn’t go down well) my point being, you do what you want without caring about what other may think, but some people were pretty open about their disapproval. What I couldn’t seem to understand though, is how some women can’t refrain themselves from slagging other women off, even on Women’s Day (why don’t you take a day off love?), especially when the captions were messages of positivity, self-love and confidence.

But on the bright side, the vast majority of responses has been lovely and most of all, I ended up very proud. Many women commented and/or emailed me telling me how happy they were to see that much of a woman of colour on this page, when their feed is usually much less diverse. And actually, and it’s quite funny, some people fell challenged by it asking why was I getting so much attention and why so many photos of me were published, when the takeover is something they do every-single-Tuesday, with 10 photos too.

I guess that some of us visually stand out more, that’s what ahah!

I was so proud that I made some black women represented, therefore beautiful and valid, on such a special day. There’s no such thing as universal beauty standards. We all have our own beauty standards, and the message is getting across. More brands are getting it: we are powerful (we sell too!!!) and beautiful too!

And you know, I count my blessings because I’m very much lucky! I work, befriend and meet with all different types of women, with who I get to tackle confidence and self-love issues (remember the group healing affair aforementioned?), heavily tapping into the beauty of womanhood. But I also get to make my fellow black sisters feel represented, beautiful, THERE. Part of it.


Happy Women’s Day darling! YOU. GOT. THIS.

And because it’s our day everyday and we’re being less and less apologetic about being much more than what is expected from our gender, I decided to briefly switch and went full on cool-dude with my outfit; channelling my inner 20 something Jean-Claude (my Papa! Aka the coolest dude in the room), for pure radness purpose really.

So watchasay?!

Lots of love,

Freddie x


Travis Chambers

– Shirt: ASOS (similar)
– Knit: Topshop (similar)
– Jeans: ASOSsimilar
– Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith

Freddie Harrel - 70s inspired outfit - wide leg jeans - NYC Street Style - Photo by Travis Chambers

Freddie Harrel - 70s inspired outfit - wide leg jeans - NYC Street Style - Photo by Travis Chambers

Freddie Harrel - 70s inspired outfit - wide leg jeans - NYC Street Style - Photo by Travis Chambers

Freddie Harrel - 70s inspired outfit - wide leg jeans - NYC Street Style - Photo by Travis Chambers

By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

Comments (4)
  1. Zainab March 10, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Love this! You’re so inspiring! I always find myself channeling you on my down days. Or everyday in general! Keep being impactful and fabulous! You’re fuel to women! X

  2. Den March 10, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    That outfit is so fun! And as usual, great message!

  3. Theworkingbeauty March 10, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    Sorry to hear of the negativity your received but your take over was the whole reason I started to follow you and now why I am on your blog! It was great for me to see the diversity and also quite refreshing to see someone successfully doing what I am just beginning to do. I look forward to seeing more. From one woman’s woman to another- continue to be great!

  4. Whitney March 14, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Ah such a breath of fresh air! Thanks for your positivity, contagious vibe and such an overall welcoming presence. It’s awesome to read your thoughts. It is quite dispiriting at times especially when some women think that another female’s success means that they must be failing in one or another, when that’s so far from the truth.
    So seeing you actively talk about embracing and establishing a sense of sisterhood with the women around us is pretty awesome stuff. It’s really awesome being able to hear women stories, women that come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. As for diversity I think that’s always been a problem area, one that’s not celebrated or encouraged enough. So thanks for shedding light on that and being bold enough to continue that dialogue online and have people openly discuss it. And I must comment on the outfit it’s so cool and casual. I love how the colours compliment your surroundings, ever so picturesque.

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