The only exciting thing about August coming to an end, is the beginning of the fashion month. I love how you can feel the fashion buzzing with everyone getting excited, almost as a warm up for Christmas! (Well ALDO certainly got me excited this year, but more on that below)

It started with NY last week, but I’m yet to discover the big Apple on such an occasion. No bitterness on my end though, I know that we have it best in London!

I told you before how London set me free, I found myself here. London is where it’s at! I love how everyone is doing their own crazy thing. You gotta love the Brits for their uncensored creativity. So when fashion week kicks in I know that my eyes are in for a treat. The Strand gets packed with men and women dressed the part, no other city does it like we do. From Punk meets My Little Pony, to Tomboy meets the sassy school girl, I just love to hang around Somerset House and watch the dozens of cool creatures turning London into a catwalk.

I always go home feeling more inspired and creative, with the urge to go bolder with my style! But LFW is quite hectic, there are so many shows to attend, new collections to preview and press events that you quickly end up running London like it’s a treadmill. So comfort is key, while a bold style remains a must.

You know by now that I’m a huge fan of the 70s, I keep telling you about all these autumnal shades that make my eyes melt. I love the rich patterns and the nerdy collars, the mini a-line skirts and fitted tops. The aim this year was to go bolder while trying something new. And I told you last year how I found knee-high boots challenging? Well, forget it! ALDO heard me and nailed the best pairs of boots for bold grinning ladies like me!

My heart skipped at the sight of this pair of suede fringed boots. Brown is usually best teamed up with dark shades such as burgundy and green bottle but the creamy touch of these boots will have you wanting to mix them with baby blues and light yellows. Perfect if like me, you’re still half in summer mood and keep on hanging on to these summery tones and floral prints.

A black pair of over-the-knee boots can easily be very sexy, and that was my worry around this style of shoes. You know I’m too awkward to pull the full-on sexy act. So this black pair was the perfect match! I’m all about suede at the moment as you can see in this post and this one (link to a previous post), and suede just seems to always add this effortlessly cool edge into outfits. I love their chunky heel, which makes your legs look so long and strong – badass yet so comfortable! They kind of force this catwalk on you, and for Fashion Week, it would be rude not to be trotting Aldwych with attitude!

Both these bags had to be part of my LFW outfits. I don’t know about you but I walk around with a thousand things with me so I’m always the nerd with a backpack. Thankfully I found this brown babe that keeps my cred intact while screaming bring back the 70s! And when I manage to leave my mess at home, I’m hanging with this printed clutch just to clash it with the other prints I’m wearing – whoop !!

So my tips to you for this fashion week:

Hang around the Strand and Aldwych in between shows, and draw inspiration from the dozens of cool cats London has to offer!
Get noticed! Rock badass shoes such as ankle boots, fringed and suede knee-high boots
Be creative! Clash prints and colour, channel your inner 70s diva, don’t underestimate these accessories such as backpacks and clutches that add extra jazz to your style, get yourself a persona and take it down Somerset House!
Be comfortable! It’s all about style and being bold but you need to be comfy if you’re running around town! Go for flats of chunky heels like I did. They make your legs flex but don’t make you sweat 😉
Have fun! It’s nothing serious, just a way for you to explore your creativity, your style, a way to meet new people, to see new collections and to draw inspiration!

Have a good’un!

Lots of love,
Freddie x

Outfit Details:

[This post was created in partnership with ALDO]

– Fringe boots: ALDO
– Over-the-knee boots: ALDO
– Ankle boots: ALDO
– Backpack: ALDO
– Clutch: ALDO
– Outfits: Zara
















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