Coats are what magazines have been banging on about since September but I’m sure you haven’t felt the hurry to run and get one of those well praised pink/tartan/fluffy coats AW13 is all about…until last week! Can we please pause here so someone explains us what the heck is happening with the weather? I feel like we’ve been dropped into another galaxy where the dusk kicks off around 3pm and your fingers freeze as soon as you take them out of your pocket to tap your Oyster card. FFS.

Back to coats. We’re spoilt for choice this season and you know I have this new growing thing for tartan/check/plaid so my new coat had to rock those squares and lines fo’ sure! But where to start? Every brand is printing the new it-pattern so I found it quite hard to decide!

But you can’t ignore a crush when you have one and here are some of the coats my heart sang for:

coat2 coat1

Stella McCartney / Ganni / Zara / Urban Outfitters

The 1st coat is from Stella McCartney. I think I’ve said enough already and I don’t need to explain how my wallet is not ready for this kind of crush but Stella, please keep making me dream, you’re so easy on my eyes. Number 2 is a sweet babe from Ganni. You gotta love Ganni but then again, I wasn’t ready to splurge that much money on a coat just yet. I totally fell for the 3rd one, from one of my favs, Zara, as you’d know by now. But I tried it on and it didn’t work on me, plus it’s quite thin and has no buttons or zip and given that stupid weather, you need to keep your nipples warm if you don’t want them to fall off. I tried the 4th one and it said it all; The warmth, the colour, the length (cold knees itch, don’t they?!) – Urban Outfitters had a fussy Frankie on their minds when they designed my new baby.

See how we cuddle up now 😉






Now keep those nipples toasty, will ya?!

Frankie x

By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

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