The Harrels at the Majestic Barrière

If there’s one thing I wish I had done more before having a baby, it’s traveling with Tom. We just haven’t done it enough and our only long haul trip together was our honeymoon. Some couples are amazing at that, they’ve done a lot together before getting married and/or having a child, or when reality calls basically. With Hugo joining the gang, I thought that these hashtag holiday goals photos cramming my Instagram timeline were going to be what FOMO was going to be made of from now on. These random and impromptu evenings with your best friends from 3 cocktails ago that make epic memories are a thing of the past, and that’s actually fine because I could also do without the following day spent nursing one of these increasingly nasty hangovers.  But disappearing in style, switching off as we knew it is a thing of the past too. Setting up that out of office notice meant we had just dropped all responsibilities – but that was ante Hugo Harrel.

So when the Majestic Barrière in Cannes invited the three us over for the weekend, I jumped at the occasion to check how much fun can you have while on baby watch.

A quick background on the Majestic Barrière, it’s one of these historically mythic hotels on the Croisette in Cannes, where the Festival de Cannes takes place. Every year it welcomes many movie stars, in its famous suites such as the Christian Dior one, designed by the designer himself. The idea of this weekend got us pretty excited, although I was wondering how relaxing it can really be with a 4 months old.

We left Geneva on the Friday evening and as always when you take the last flight, it’s ridiculously delayed. 2 hours in our case, we arrived in our room at 1:30 in the morning, with Hugo completely delirious with tiredness. Still, we got there and turns out they were more kitted out than the pack-everything-with-you first time mum that I am. His bed was ready, with a sleeping bag, towels, a bio set of toiletries, a bottle warmer, and even a potty should he be a very clever baby and take care of his own messy business. Despite the late hour we could still order food to our room enjoying the sea view and the quiet of the night. We then passed out in a bed where you could have fit 5 of us, which happened to be very convenient when Hugo started feeling lonely in his bed.


It was such a beautiful weekend, the weather was awful so we couldn’t do much in Cannes but the Majestic Barrière offered so many activities. We obviously couldn’t enjoy their private beach, swimming pool so we had a cooking class with the Majestic’s chef Bertrand Schmidt in the morning, a wine tasting session in the afternoon. We got to visit the Christian Dior Suite along with the hotel’s fanciest suite (as in if you have a spare 42,000€ to splash on one night). I also had an amazing hour long full body massage in the spa. For lunch and dinner we didn’t have to venture out, instead we just indulged in the Fouquet’s’ menu. The only Fouquet’s I knew is the one on the Champs Elysées and I had never been, and now with a buggy and a chatty baby I wasn’t sure if such a glamour place would be down with us. Turns out they were, Hugo made more casualties with his grin and sold all us Harrels as a package!


Now what to do with your kid if it takes more than a bottle and a peekaboo stunt to keep him happy? Well when in Cannes, make him/her a filmmaker!

The hotel has its own filming studio for children, Le Studio by Petit VIP. When we visited it, we arrived just at the end of a yoga and meditation session, in English, for toddlers, we got told they also had workshops in foreign languages, activities about conservation, sculpture, photography, music, gastronomy, and more, introducing children to 10 different arts. They can even compose their own movie, soundtrack, music video, etc. and access to the studio is free and unlimited. Had he been bigger we could have let him get his Tarantino on and disappear for a couple of vodka tonics!

Turns out we can still enjoy a bit of glam and fancy in this post Hugo Harrel adventure, and we had some beautiful family time with lots of group cuddles and giggles. If Cannes is on your list, check out the info below about the Majestic, we totally recommend it.


Thanks for the hang Cannes!


Freddie x


Majestic Barriere / Restaurant: Fouquet’s / Activities


Outfit details:

Blazer | Marks and Spencer

Trousers | Marks and Spencer

Sandals | Marks and Spencer

Maxi skirt | Marks and Spencer

Jumper | Zara (old)


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  1. Celese May 27, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    I enjoyed reading this blog post, you and your little one both look good x

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