Many of you are not in the UK, or too far from London. So I have something for you too, should you want to kick ass and release your unleashed self!

They’re online private sessions, they can be done over the phone or video (Skype). This is ideal if you are not based in London but still want to hang!

We start with a free assessment session where we both see how we can create some magic together, it’s important that you feel at ease for me, so it’s an opportunity for you to check if you are. Then we hang online and work on your awesome self. Simples.

The assessment lasts 20 minutes while every session is 45-min long. We’ll work, together,  on a list of challenges and exercises throughout the whole process, in a really laid-back and fun way, and we’ll check on your progress along the way.

You won’t feel the same after we’re done!

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– A fun path to Self-Love
– Finding your true Style
– Managing your Wardrobe”]

Book your free assessment session today !


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