If you were looking for yet another cool thing about pushing 30, I’ve got one for you. I’m a much more savvy shopper these days, almost disgusted with my old shopping ways when it was mostly about quantity rather than quality. A bright red sale label would almost never fail to drive me straight to the till, allowing the clutter to live on. Double tap if you can relate type eh!
But age not only made me crave for more space and order, it also taught my eye to seek quality and long lasting staple pieces. I genuinely take pride in having an embossed journal, and very good leather bags (this I got from my mama!), these quality accessories that make me feel like I’m an adult who’s got their stuff together. Well, Shinola embodies all the above as a brand, they’re perfect for good staples you can rely on over time, so I was excited when they asked me to style some of their latest pieces for a Mother’s Day’s lookbook.
And since we’re talking Mother’s Day, I wanted to shoot indoors, which is where I spend most of my time, having joined motherhood exactly 4 months ago as I’m writing this.

I can’t get enough of huge bags at the moment, Hugo’s cargo is no joke but gives me the perfect excuse to rock both these red and brown numbers. Love the simplicity of the navy crossbody that I can grab for quick errands and then throw in one of the big bags for another outing. And finally, the to-do list obsessed that I am had to go for this embossed notebook!

What are your fave leather staples?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there

Lots of love,
Freddie x


Photo credit: Nicole Hertel


Red  handbag | Shinola

Brown handbag| Shinola

Navy crossbody| Shinola

iPhone case| Shinola

Journal| Shinola

iPad cover| Shinola


By Freddie

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  1. Oroma March 26, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Love the lookbook Freddie, you look amazing! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. I hope you’re enjoying your first one. God bless. x


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