If there’s something I love about England it’s definitely its Christmas parties. But because there’s always the day after (and the day after the day after), there’s been loads of laziness piling up at Frankie HQ. Mehhh, be merry they said.

Let’s keep this party spirit people. I have a soft spot for sequins at the moment, probably because I’ve been brainwashed by the magazines and catwalks but a bit of sequin in one’s wardrobe at this time of the year should definitely wake up the party animal that sleeps inside of you, should you have been getting too cosy with Christmas24 TV channel (we know that you’ve been right on it, it’s the new sh*t).
My only problem is that the combo afro + sequins makes me look like a bloody disco ball and since the 80s are fare gone now, I had to go for the light-coloured ones. No gold, no silver, no nada. (but check my selection below!)

As you should know by now, I’m not a massive fan of the total girly look. Too easy. I save it for some nights out though. Tight disco pants, the right black body and you fill the sexy girl brief quickly and neatly. But come on, you’ve been there already.

So sequins it is but with a cropped knit jumper to tone the shiny fellas down. I love how the top and the skirt have the exact same colours but different shapes.
Those peep toe boots are my new faves, you have to try them on to understand. Gosh they make me feel good! They’re proper Diva, they will not give in easily and they will probably dig into your ankles the 1st couple of times you wear them but if you show you’re in for the long run, they’ll make your wait worth it.

Now rock on those sequins and be merry cause Santa’s on his way my friend!

Frankie x

sequins, cropped knit jumper

sequins, crop knitted jumper

sequins skirt, cropped knit jumper




– Cropped knit jumper: Primark
– Sequins skirt: H&M
– Peep toe shoe boots: Topshop
– Clutch: ASOS

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