With the power of social media, makeup is on the rise and accessible to all, with countless tutorials and reviews online to turn the least skilled among us into real artists (you have to say it to believe it, eh!). Although I’m always super excited to try new tricks, I also think that it’s important to have this conversation about makeup and its purpose. Especially now that we’re seeing it everywhere and wearing it much earlier. I wouldn’t want younger girls to get into it for the wrong reasons, which is why I’m beyond excited to be part of the new No7 campaign!

On top of making the meanest volume mascara out there (watch what you ask for, cause volume you’ll get!), and the super smart Airbrush Away range for those obsessed with a very light coverage like me;  their values are also right up my street! The purpose of this campaign is really about giving women power and energy, and explaining how cosmetics can play into it. It’s all about self-care, and you know I’m always there for it, it’s not something vacuous or superficial and I haven’t come across many brands with such a strong focus on that aspect of makeup.

Makeup is not the key element of my confidence, far from it, but it seals the prep for a new day and its set of challenges. It’s that finishing touch that’s going to make me feel READY to go, grab and seize the day and everything it has to offer! Or as you’ve just heard, ready to stand up J !

Really, it’s a fun way to control how you show up in the world. I’m so proud to be part of such an empowering campaign which shows driven women sharing something truthful and relatable, made up but also bare face.

Makeup to me should be empowering but most of all, it’s a fun tool to feel ready and get extra confidence. We all have our own relationship with it though, I’d be curious to know what you think!

What does makeup to for you? What does it get you READY for?

Lots of love,

Freddie x


By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

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  1. Beatrice September 29, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Freddie thanks for an amazing and enlightening post. I am not someone who usually wear make up. However, I put try make up to test my art. Make up makes me feel more feminine and good.

  2. Mannie October 6, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Are you an ambassador for No. 7?

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