It might seem like a New Year, New Me impulse, but I genuinely enjoy the occasional bedroom revamp. I like to switch things up by changing a few bits in our bedroom, I do it around 3, 4 times a year I reckon. It’s only now that I’ve decided to show you one of these revamps on here that I’m actually asking myself what’s with that habit. I think it’s down to the fact that this is the room where I wake up everyday, and to keep me going first thing I guess it’s important to keep things fresh. I like waking up feeling like I got my life together, I need to be convinced of that the second I open my eyes, and a couple of cute cushions and a candle could trick anyone – don’t judge me before you’ve tried.

And I do love shopping, let’s be honest. But we’ve just walked out of the party season and a 5-weeks month so I wanted to show you how I do it while keeping my wallet in check 😉

I like the mix of these cushions, you know me, I need to add colours everywhere but I have snowy mountains on my doorstep now, so I wanted the colours to more discreet than the summer hues I usually go for. I love the pompoms on the elephant cushion, very Mochi but both the white and the grey make it the snowy slopes version.

Finally, the lantern, the glass hurricane and the vintage looking trinket jar just add to the travel experience, almost as if you could use your room to go back to times where the world was not the joke it is at the moment.

Flights cost £61, check the links below and see for yourself!


Trinket jar | Matalan

Glass hurricane | Matalan

Elephant x pompom cushion |Matalan

Triangle print cushion | Matalan

Lantern | Matalan

And because Mr Boo aka the legendary Hugo Harrel is very much part of our room too, I also got this cute pair of dino trainers!

Do you also get that itch to refresh your space sometimes? I can’t be the only one! Let’s chat in the comments or on Instagram if you don’t already follow hehe!


Lots of love,

Freddie x







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