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Hi gang!

This way for a recap of my last daily outfits!

Tons of kisses,
Frankie x









Outfit 1:

– Shirt: Daisy Street
– Parallel Jeans: ASOS
– Peep toe boots: ASOS

Outfit 2:

– Dungarees: ASOS
– Shirt: Weekday

Outfit 3:

– Dress: Glamorous
– Peep toe boots: ASOS

Outfit 4:

– Sequins top: ASOS
– Faux fur coat: Mango
– Trainers: Converse
– Jeans: old pair found at a thrift shop

Outfit 5:

– Knitted dress: Monki

Outfit 6:

– Jacket: Mochi
– T-shirt: ASOS
– Jeans: Monki

Outfit 7:

– Jumpsuit: ASOS
– Blazer: Lavish Alice
– Boots: L.K. Bennett

Outfit 8:

– Maxi dress: Mango
– Peep toe boots: ASOS

By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

Comments (2)
  1. Gareth From StyleHoney.com March 10, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    Loving the boho maxi dress. Such a gorgeous colour and love the patterning. And those peep toe boots you’ve paired with it are gorgeous x

  2. Audrey January 31, 2016 at 6:41 pm


    About the outfit 6: where can I find those shoes !!!
    Elles sont juste MAGNIFIQUES !!!

    Merci Freddie

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