I’m still buzzing from the sight of the 1st ice cream truck of the season, although hay fever is slowly trying to unplug the sound system at the wild party I’m having. Well Hello Party pooper, have a seat while I sneeze – please. But never mind, keep me around clothes and I’ll remain your standard grinning Freddie. “I grin, or else” should actually be written somewhere. I don’t want to get morbid and suggest my tomb so will suggest the back of my car instead – watchathink? I’ve seen dudes driving around with crazy signs I won’t mention here, so I reckon I could get away with it.

ANYWAY. Where was I? Clothes! Yes, keep me around them and I’m happy – any of them! When Mint Velvet contacted me to be part of their #MVStyleSeekers campaign, I must admit that I didn’t know them, at all. But it didn’t matter to me, as I truly believe that you can make anything work if you want to! First, work around basics, and then add crazy touches here and there, and you have yourself a style mojito: sweet and zingy! *slurp*
So I’ve only just recently discovered Mint Velvet but I must say, I love them! There are now so many things I want to get from them – have a peek for yourself, I’ve added my wishlist below!

I was asked to create three outfits and as you can see, I struggled to keep my inner 70s diva tamed. My inner lumberjack gets a lot of air time at the moment too (how much wood can the woodchuck chuck though?!) – you’ve been seeing him around quite a lot recently!

And if you’re still scared of double denim, just don’t. Have yourself an ice cream (get it from the creepy ice cream truck guy – I live in South London, they don’t send the hot men here anymore) and just stop. Stack on the denim, pile it up like a flipping Jenga tower!
And if you’re that worried, chuck a bright lippy in the mix – now there’s nothing you can be blamed for anymore.

As for my 70s diva, watch her skimming over London Town in this flowy jumpsuit paired with fellow fluid trench coat. Love this mix of white and off white and the grace it injects in the outfit. Don’t I look sweet and innocent? I want to hug the girl on the photo (but talk to her for 2mns and you might change your mind).

My fave outfit has to be the one of the group shot (with my smoking babe Alex from The Frugality and the lovely Alexis from Style Memos and Anneli from What I Bought Today). They had this dress on the rails, and a skirt in the same print and I couldn’t quite decide so went for both! Chee-kyyyy
I’m not wearing skirts without a dress on top anymore! Try and stop me!


If you’re not bored of my babbling just yet, go read my interview on their site (it reveals a few hints of what I’m working on at the moment!)

Always a pleasure,
Frankie x

– Jumpsuit: Mint Velvet
– Fringe Clutch: Mint Velvet
– Trench coat: Mint Velvet
– Jeans: Mint Velvet
– Denim shirt: Mint Velvet
– Green trainers: Mint Velvet







DSC_0123 (2)


By Freddie

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  1. Jordan April 27, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    You look absolutely stunning in both looks! The jumpsuit + trench combo is to die for, I will definitely have to check their stuff out! Keep being amazing!


  2. Jessi Malay April 29, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    Such an amazing post!
    Your blog is so great!
    Really love the looks and the pictures are stunning!

    Jessi Malay

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