– Jumper: Primark

– Socks: Topshop

– Leather boots: Camden Market

Now there’s nothing ground breaking in what’s coming but you have to be more creative during winter. That’s what it does to us. It’s too tempting to go bonkers with the layers and leave the house like you’re off to Val d’Isère. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but if dress becomes a dirty word for you when December comes(and if you’re not sure if wearing 2 sweaters and 3 pairs of leggings is a good look), I have an idea for you: just raid the oversized jumpers section.

This oversized jumper is 5 sizes too big and is cheaper than a dress, simply because it’s a jumper. You have to choose it very big (and not fluffy) if you don’t want people to give up their seats to you on the tube, for no apparent reason. I love a total black look because it adds more glam, no matter what you’re wearing and glam can be a challenge when wearing a jumper 5 sizes too big. Just sayin’.

Pop up the colours with some lipstick, jewellery or accessories like these pied-de-poule (houndstooth) socks I got from Topshop for more playfulness and pair the whole outfit with a pair of biker boots, Doc Martens or Converse trainers because we know you’re badass like that (and if you’re clumsy like me, never mind the ladders when wearing tights. We said badass, didn’t we?!)

The bottom line is, my friend, quit the layers, just dress bigger!

Have a wicked week 😉

Frankie x

Now a few suggestions fo’ ya:

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