On any other occasion, I would have told you to watch out, I’m driving; but today I would have happily given you a lift because turns out, I’m quite a good driver so it seems. 

Hyundai recently approached me to give their i10 a try, which has won the WhatCar? City Car of the year Award 4 years in a row! First I couldn’t believe anyone would trust me enough with their car, but then realized they couldn’t know so decided to wing it. And I’m so glad I did!


I’m quite the new driver, I only passed my test 2 years ago but my husband being one of the worst backseat drivers, I rarely channel my inner Freddie Prost, wasn’t sure she existed actually, but turns out she’s real! My first car had quite a rigid wheel and gear box, and parallel parking for me is a bit like the lottery except that I almost never win. But I do love driving, I just needed a confidence boost, and the i10 genuinely delivered!



It’s sooo supple and easy to drive, with both the gears and the steering wheel reacting swiftly and softly to your commands. I caught myself with a really smug look on my face as I was taking turns, spinning the wheel in one hand, just because I (finally) could really! I had to sit through 1 hour and half of traffic in Central London but didn’t mind so much at the time because it’s such a pleasurable drive. This is where this car absolutely delivered!


I like to think that I’m quite the geeky techy person when I need to be, but I’m beyond clueless when it comes to cars. I’m used to plug my phone to the AUX output and start my playlist from there. Some people are shower singers; I extend my prowess to the car. I’m completely shameless about it and don’t stop singing at the red light when people could be watching if I’m in the middle of the “bit”, you know, the “OMG I love that bit”! In hindsight, I should probably charge them for the show. So I got my mind blown when I discovered Apple CarPlay. It’s basically your iPhone, on your car screen. From WhatsApp calls and messages to your mailbox and Spotify, you won’t need to reach that home button while on route (safety made easy eh) and can even switch to your phone map if you’re a creature of habits. Same with Android Auto but I only tried Apple CarPlay.



Speaking about the map, I honestly considered picking a car based on its Sat-Nav in the past. I’m a millennial okay, I don’t know where I’m going unless Google tells me. But let’s be honest, too many cars have horrible maps. The black, grey and purple hues are obsolete, I love a clear and bright map and the i10 definitely surprised me. The navigation looks smashing and comes in 3D so you can keep a more visual track of your whereabouts. What I love the most about it is that you can look up actual places and not google them then key the address in your Sat-Nav. Exit the middleman! So, when he tells you dinner’s on him tonight, just key in Nobu in the directory and wheel your stomach to that lobster that’s been keeping your mind busy since that last meal. Indulge in some hot sake while he watches and have him driving you back. I hope you didn’t think you deserved any less…



Because it’s such an easy drive and it has all the tech I need from my Destiny’s Child morning GO-GET-THEM-FREDDIE playlist to my WhatsApp phone calls (apparently, babies almost cannot not fall asleep in a car, so I tend to try to squeeze a quick 10mins catch up with a friend when driving), I discovered my inner Freddie Schumacher, I’m Freddie The Car and I hear Thomas The Tank Engine is now desperately trying to play catch up. Rubbish joke aside (but mark me for the effort), I had a lot of fun with Rhonda (that’s the name I gave her), she reconciled me with driving, boosted my confidence like only a fellow lady could (nailed parallel parking a few times I must admit), and I can see how it would perfectly fit with my busy mum slash entrepreneur London life. It’s a small number but can pack in all of Hugo’s kit (entry 1227 of the things they don’t tell you about babies: they take a looooot of space), along with mine. And to all my fellow cold-handed people, the steering wheel can be heated. I repeat, the wheel can be heated! How amazing is that? And the seats too. Thanks, Rhonda, for taking me places, playing my favourite tunes while keeping my hands and bum toasty!


I went for the blue type because as you all know I love colours and it was much more aligned with my in-car music show, and also because you want people to watch when you can finally park like a pro. Smug much? I’m afraid so!


See you on the road!


Freddie x


By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

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