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Me, again, bragging about yet another successful trip to TK Maxx! I’ve partnered up with the gem hoarder to treasure hunt in their shops and online and will be talking through my hauls over the next few months. Last week we looked into summer bits for me, but this week we’re hunting for the little rugrats because right now TK Maxx has an extra big delivery of everything you need for your kids in store, and I’m not just talking clothes but accessories, toys, nursery products, baby gifts, and more!

With dribble running faster than a dripping tap and a growth rate set to defy light speed, we’re never not kitting out Hugo. We also have a professional snatcher on our hands, who’ll grab and bang whatever’s in your hands (or on your head, and that includes your hair, its roots and follicles) making feeding time more challenging than a Jenga game.


So here’s what I found:


  • This set of plastic bowls with a handle. Now joke’s on Master Harrel. He obviously tried to snatch it, I served him the smuggest face; he then looked like I’d earned his respect. Freddie 1, Hugo 0. They were £2.99


  • This set of bibs with a draw at the bottom, which turns into a case you can pack in your changing bag. You can just wash the bibs with a wipe, which is super handy because he often eats on the go. They were £4.99


  • This set of cute cotton bibs, The Chosen Few, whose sole purpose will be to work in rotation to soak up Hugo’s dribble. With such low prices, I decided to shop for bibs I’ll only use for feeding and others only used to wear around his neck at the moment. They were £4.99


  • This musical book with its matching stuffed Monkeys. They can even hold hands; they were too cute for us to ignore them! Was £3.99


  • This knitted sailor outfit. Because little sailors are too adorbs and the set was only £7.99 (instead of £16.99!)


So with all the products at up to 60% less than RRP and for only £25 we’ve protected ourselves from dangerous feeding sessions, food and dribble spilling that ruin far too many cute outfits. We’ve also got another of these said cute outfits, and two more cheeky monkeys to add to the gang. Bragging much? Absolutely!


What do you find you need to constantly buy when it comes to your baby?


Lots of love,

Freddie x


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  1. Kristie August 22, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    These are some really cute picks. Who doesn’t love a good deal?! P.S…he is ADORABLE!

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