Guys, it’s been a minute! Things have been so hectic since our move back in London, so the pace is a bit ridiculous at the moment, and your home slice could really use the time off! Until it’s holiday time, I’ll use some of my faves quick pick up tricks, starting with a trip to TK Maxx.

If you guys are somehow unaware of TK Maxx, they’re these ridiculously amazing shops where you find the most unexpected mix of products – oh and there’s a website too. I have this massive vase and this awesomely weird donkey head (we call him Hugh, nothing to do with Hugo but he’s obsessed with him!) made of magazines pages (I’m not joking), everyone think they’re super fancy but we got them for a great price in TK Maxx.


You basically get up to 60% off RRP and they have loads of new items every week: designer clothes and accessories, sport equipment, furniture and the most eclectic range of face masks but also condiments which means I get to feel fancy with my Himalayan pink salt and goat cheese mustard at dinner parties (no it doesn’t take much for smugness to creep on me). My cousin introduced me to the trick when I first moved to London, the secret is to be focused and you can end up with absolute gems no one else will find! We converted my mum too, she’s not coming back. When you get it, you really get it.


Anyway, I treated myself to a trip last week. At the moment, I’m either working from home or hopping on the bus to work in the shop, so what I wanted from this trip was a few summery bits, cool cuts and/or colourful pieces that I could match for my go-to denim jacket/white Converse combo.


I love these trips to TK Maxx, I really get into the treasure hunt vibe, thinking I’m going to strike gold – it takes my mind off the current stress, and I always find these bold one-offs I use to really play with my style and try new things.


You know how I always describe my style as a fashion burrito, a mix of everything wrapped into one! Well you need these original gems to give you the confidence to explore more with your style, it’s like a win when you find that piece that only a few have, you just get to OWN it even more – feel that bossy strut coming?!

I’m definitely a bragger when it comes to that, I have my friend Winnie with who I have this on-going style off: who has the flyest new pair of shoe? The hottest new skirt? We’re constantly at it! Nothing wrong with bragging these days, sharing is caring – right?


So here are 5 pieces that I found on last week’s trip:


  1. This vintage looking red top. You know how much I love my mom jeans? Winning combo here! Now £12.99
  2. This embroidered stripy shirt. Very much on trend at the moment, I wanted an oversized one to give it a cooler edge. This was £74, but I got it for £39.99
  3. This baby blue dress. The collar is super 70s and you know I’m obsessed. With my round afro, a pair of trainers and high socks and I get casted in Dope! I got for £16.99, it was £48.
  4. This coral dress. Love the colour, the cleavage and whilst I’d usually stay away, I love the glossy finish (we’re exploring, didn’t we say?). Clashed with some trainers and an oversized denim jacket and it’s a done deal and cost £16.
  5. This strappy dress. Just to twirl in the wind and to trick myself into thinking I’m super laidback and not mortified by my to-do list. Was £14.99


Anything to keep your girl sane!


Who’s on team brags too? Who finds therapy in a TK Maxx trip too? Declare yourself and let’s throw group trips ah!


Have a nice one,

Freddie x

By Freddie

Paris-born, London-based All smiles sass bag, personal stylist, confidence consultant & Top UK fashion blogger. I help women claim their confidence and power back through workshops and videos. Frankie's not my name.

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  1. Pippi Hepburn August 10, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    I love the striped peasant top and the satin slip dress. And how are you so slim already after that baby, haha! Beautiful as always.

  2. Single Successful Women August 18, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Damn!! You’re looking so amazing in every attire.

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