At the risk of sounding like a loser, I must admit that I’m not usually very fond of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sunny day, rocking short shorts and the long evenings spent outside with friends, setting the world straight. 

But July is my birthday month, and because I can be quite a douche to myself, I usually reflect of all the things I haven’t done yet and I spend the best part of July trying to work out how I can be less of disappointment in the life achievement area. This was obviously pre SHE Unleashed area, Freddie’s very much unleashed now, as I was telling you previously.

But this summer has been a beauty! A total bliss, sprinkled with too much love for my 5”5 tall frame to handle. One glass of wine at a time.

I’ve never really had a female posse per se, American movies definitely made me long for one for years, and obviously made me feel terrible for not having one all along – anyone up for being the Cher to my inner Dionne? I’ve always thought that I wasn’t built for groups, and maybe I’m not actually. I can look at dreamy filtered shots of a group of girls on a boat and think for a sec Wow, I wish I had that (I hear youngsters even use the hashtag friends envy. Instagram, you’ve ruined our lives in so many ways) but I know that the very next second I’ll be thinking Hell no, I can’t hang with a group of girls, I can do without the drama ah ah! But people judge you on that, if you’re not going to Ibiza with 10 other girlfriends this summer, there’s something wrong with the way you’ve been living your life so far.

But as I was telling you how my whole Unleashing process involved a lot a decluterring in my life (if you’re up for it, you can find my videos here – don’t be left behind). When I decided to accept myself for who I was, therefore started to investigate what the dozens of Freddie that make me were about, I realised that I had to make a lot of changes in my life. It wasn’t about the Freddie I wanted to be anymore, but very much about The Freddie I really was. I rethought everything, from my career to my relationships and I basically cut most of the crap out of my life.

These girls here are my best of best friends, they’re more supportive than one could ever need. That’s the beauty of aging, we’re not little girls anymore. We’re each others’ source of inspiration, I love how we’re all so ambitious, driven and always lifting each other up. We meet up whenever one of us wants to redesign their life masterplan and we plot for hours. And as I enter the married life, I feel utterly blessed to be surrounded by the best friends in the world, I know they’ll be there every step of the way, and there’s nothing more exciting than watching each other grow.

Have a good one!

Freddie x


– Bowls: West Elms
– Placemats: IKEA / DIY
– Glasses: Habitat

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Rachel Bass / Charlie Collins / Miriam Bouteba / Anissa Bekkouche / Oyinkasola Johnson






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