In my industry, the term “creative” gets thrown around quite a lot, which used to struck this feeling of being a fraud on me. I remember once I was giving a talk at Shoreditch House and they had this huge poster of me advertising it in their lobby, with “creative powerhouse” written just underneath my name. I had to ask them if I could take it home, it looked too good, and it was their words, not mine. I have to pinch myself when I hear people think I’m creative because it’s an insecurity that has haunted the best part of my teenage years. I think many of us have that feeling of not being creative personalities, of being a bit bland in a sea of cool people constantly doing stuff. Creativity is only for cool people, I spent a huge chunk of my 20s feeling like the girl who’s never made it out of the nerd wagon, until I realised fairly recently that there’s actually no such thing.


The inspiration behind this post is the Pandora “DO” campaign, they asked me about what I’d like to DO more of and creating was the first thing that came to my mind. I mentioned on here before that I had soft launched a hair extensions business last year,, but pulled it back when I realised there was a huge demand for it, to make it an even better shopping experience but doing so while pregnant and then with a new-born can be quite challenging, but we launched back 10 days ago which proved me once again that there’s no such thing as a creativity free nerd wagon.


We’re all doers, makers, crafters, and too many of us sit on our talent, on our potential. I know, I was there for the best part of my life but now I know I am unique, there’s only one of me, and that’s creative on its own. I am valid and I have a purpose, most of it is to be myself, and to grow. I urge you to try this mantra if you can relate to this fraud feeling, it still takes me through these dark days when I doubt myself a lot. I know I’m a creative powerhouse now, but we all have it in us.  I’m very proud of Big Hair No Care, one of our key point is that we want to stay away from human hair because its trade is very unethical, and we want to ensure our suppliers treat their employees the fairest way possible and getting there is part of our growth plan.


Here again I’m hugely inspired by Pandora because what they want to DO more of, is to work to be the best they can be. They ensure that all of their employees in Thailand are well looked after. They have free access to PCs, library services and training facilities, and get benefits including free transport to and from work, subsidised lunches and maternity/ paternity benefits.


I’m shaking the fraud complex off this year, sod their boxes. I’m too big to fit any of them anyway, and as cheesy at is sounds, so are you. Hashtag sorry not sorry like the youngsters say 😉


Lots of love,

Freddie x

Credit photos: Nicole Hertel

Outfit details:

–  Top | Topshop (old)

– Linked love ring | Pandora

– Sparkling love knot ring | Pandora

– Radiant elegant ring | Pandora

– Sparkling love knot stud earrings | Pandora

– Sparkling love knot pendant | Pandora

– Rose necklace | Pandora



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