On cold days like we’re experiencing at the moment, I’m longing for the sun sooo bad. But the cheeky sod went AWOL, and we’ll have to do without him for quite a while now *sighs* .

My solution? Colours!! Just bold patches here and there, cleverly mixed up with lovely seasonal tones such as navy, grey or burgundy. Having said that, burnt orange is a badass autumnal colour!

So you know the drill, I wake up in the morning, conduct a survey with myself as to know which one of my many – dysfunctioning – personalities gets to have some airtime for the day and start from there. I pick a piece I like and see how I can build an outfit that will suit and please my schizophrenic self. It doesn’t sound like fun but it is. I felt quite bubbly on that day, and definitely needed something colourful to match the mood so jumped at this colourblock jumper. I’m so into this retro revival at the moment, and this jumper looks like it’s time-traveled from the 70s to my wardrobe. I should have been 20 in the 70s, I’m telling ya!

Anyway, once I get started with colours, I simply can’t stop so these trainers had to be involved. I love how it adds different shades of blue and yellow/orange to the outfit. And you know how much I love mixing textures, and the suede clashing with the knit sounded like a sound idea. From there, I needed a bit more substance and an extra texture so went for these AMAZE grey trousers.

First, grey is like the new crack this season. Way cooler (as in your teeth won’t fall out!) but as addictive (from a hypothetical point of view – I realise that the more readers I get, the more I need to be careful with my mad mouth. But I grin quite a lot, and you can tell by my 58 teeth, that I don’t do crack). Second, the fabric is to die for. Not sure you can pick it up on the photos but it’s really heavy, like some sort of quadruple layers of linen. But if you know your sh*t, it’s actually called herringbone – it doesn’t mean anything to me though. Let’s call it thick linen. Anyway, said thick linen trousers are high-waist, straight leg and peg. Right up my post code as you can tell!

But you can’t bring the warmth back without a big smile. So if you needed a purpose to smile, you have it now my love! Let’s heat up the place!

Frankie x

– Jumper: ASOS
– Trousers: ASOS
– Trainers: New Balance
– Clutch: Whistles at ASOS






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