Wow. I’m only a newbie at blogging and I’m already being bad at it. It’s been ages since I posted but, in my defense, I’ve just left a job and started a new one. So just trying to settle in really. Plus the summer quit like a coward and the rain  is so so not afro and picture friendly (it means we don’t like you, just leave already!).

Indoor shoot it is then.

Do you remember when everyone (basically a handful of people, I just love being dramatic) was going on about how this all-denim-everythang thing was for losers? Well I love it, splash a bright lipstick (again) and some crazy heels (standard) on it and be guaranteed to be the coolest ranger in town (courtesy to the almighty Chuck Norris who launched the all denim trend before denim was even invented! D’you follow the joke? Meh, never mind.).

Those shoes are MAD! I think I actually bought them so they would look cool in my wardrobe (don’t judge, they were on sale. Plus I have the same in black and yellow, fo’ real) but I find myself wearing them sometimes and they’re super comfy when tightly tied up – I tripped once and I’m glad I still have a face to say the least!

And what about the huge come back of the dungarees? I used to think that my mom was sabotaging me when sending me to school in a pair of these (but everyone would wear them so don’t be surprised when I say I still managed to make a few friends at lunch break). They would look like you had sh*t yourself but eh, a ranger with bowels problem is the coolest look I could think of this week!

I bought them at the awesome East End Thrift Store in Stepney Green where you basically buy clothes by the bag (£10 or £20 depending on the size) so they cost me next to nothing!

Anyway, I can hardly wait for tomorrow night! I hope you guys will enjoy your weekend, I know I will 🙂


Frankie x








– Shirt: ASOS
– Dungarees: The East End Thrift Store
– Platform Sandals: ASOS, this is the other pair I own :p

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