It’s quite sad that I have no qualms saying this, but my best fashion ally at the moment is that fluffly, dribbly little rugrat, Hugo Harrel. Whenever I get a chance to win with him, I jump on it! He has no say in it (so far…), and we look super cute – it’s a done deal for Monsieur Couscous and I! But until they make mom jeans and stripy blazers in his size, we’ll go for the obvious details starting with shoes, trainers to be precise, like the #YoungAthletes we are, eh!

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ImEsprit, Esprit, Freddie Harrel. Nicole Hertel


I’m a big believer of signs, especially when it comes to personal reflection. I think that many things happen to keep us introspecting ourselves, I believe, as if we were meant to constantly reflect on ourselves, to better ourselves. It might sound cheesy, but that’d only be because of the way I put it, because when you think about it, isn’t it what we’re meant to thrive for? Become better?

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So I was so keen to come back on here, just to hang a bit and catch up with you because it’s been a little while but these past few weeks have been a shocker, everything happened so fast, April came and disappeared without even saying hello or goodbye – just the thought makes me dizzy!

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In my industry, the term “creative” gets thrown around quite a lot, which used to struck this feeling of being a fraud on me. I remember once I was giving a talk at Shoreditch House and they had this huge poster of me advertising it in their lobby, with “creative powerhouse” written just underneath my name. I had to ask them if I could take it home, it looked too good, and it was their words, not mine. I have to pinch myself when I hear people think I’m creative because it’s an insecurity that has haunted the best part of my teenage years. I think many of us have that feeling of not being creative personalities, of being a bit bland in a sea of cool people constantly doing stuff. Creativity is only for cool people, I spent a huge chunk of my 20s feeling like the girl who’s never made it out of the nerd wagon, until I realised fairly recently that there’s actually no such thing.

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