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The Superwomen Series | Naomi Mdudu

The Superwomen Series interviews women doing great things in their fields and discusses their relationship with their confidence and inner-power, as opposed to the standard format or asking about their career path, which can be daunting when one cannot relate to the other’s experience. But part of their success comes from the strong relationship they have with themselves and that’s what we are focusing on.

In this first episode, we’re talking with Naomi Mdudu, editor and founder of The Lifestyle Edit.

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Happy Monday you cool thing!

If you haven’t warmed up to what was, I’ll give that to you, a lame greeting, you might be having one of those days. You know those days when everything feels a bit like ‘umphh’ (do you get that sound?)

I know I have these days, but I also have those where my confidence has gone AWOL, everything feels like too much, and I feel like not enough. And when I do, I know how I can easily make myself feel worse, we’ve all been guilty of slagging ourselves off, A LOT.

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