You must have got it from my last post but for me this time of the year means one thing (among others – did someone mention Sunday roasts by the fireplace? Chistmas jumper parties? Mulled wine? – nah keep that last one, it tastes gross) PARTY SEASON. It’s on. The question is, are you ready? I hope you checked that Zara tartan jumpsuit out, I can’t stress how much it would make anyone look like a bloody 10!

Anyway. This whole party season gave me the idea to create a new category on my blog, a sort of hitlist of the stuff you can bag for cheap at the moment (I might add a category of hitlists of the things I’m perving on – for the stuff I can’t stop eyeballing but yet can’t afford *sigh*). Not sure how frequent it will be or how long it’s gonna last, you should know by now how much I struggle with consistency.

Right. Let’s do this now.

This week’s babes are definitely those 2 pairs of shoes I found at Topshop yesterday. A total bargain as they’re both on sale.


topshop penelope wedges goslin pointed heels

– Wedges : Topshop Premium

– Pointed heels: Topshop

topshop penelope wedges, goslin pointed heels

The wedges went from £110 to £30 and the pointed heels went from £68 to £20. I think I actually hugged the cashier when she handed me the bag!

I’m not really convinced about the way the wedges are styled on the website but I have a few ideas of how you could wear them – I’ll try and post them soon 🙂



I hope this got your party mood on 😉

(Don’t be too naughty though..)


Frankie x