Now. I don’t want to jinx it (cause I’m loving what the sun is doing to me at the moment – please don’t stop buddy) but sometimes I kinda miss the cold days. Especially those cosy Sundays when you just layer up and go on a movie marathon from your sofa, stuffing your face with anything that doesn’t require any cooking/defrosting/heating up process (who needs to save up for cashmere when fat can warm you up for free?)

I needed that cushy comfort last Sunday so those comfy pyjamas style trousers couldn’t fit the brief more perfectly. This top is actually from the ASOS’ menswear range but I don’t see how the boy would pull it off (just picturing it makes me cringe).

Although they’re quite high, those wedges are like cushions to my feet – you still have to bear in mind that you’re quite off the ground though, keep those ankles in one piece please.

That’s it for the Blah, I hope you’re having a wicked week 😉

Frankie x










– Top: ASOS

– Sweatpants: ASOS

– Rings: Topshop & ASOS

– Cuff: ASOS

– Clutch: ASOS

– Wedges: New Look

By Freddie

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