As the title mentions, Boden. I’m just going to drop it in there because if you haven’t checked them out recently, you’re in for a treat. I know I teased you all on the gram with this pair of mules Alex and I are obsessed with. Whilst they might have seemed too casual for some, I’m channelling some of that weekend mood to focus on occasionwear today.

Now expect an increase in excitement on here since that glass of wine I had yesterday at 5pm, in the DAYLIGHT, because spring is making an entrance ladies and gentlemen. So with the cool kids behind the Boden and Bloom and Wild collaboration, we totally went for it, hired the most instagrammable house NW London had to offer, covered it from floor to ceiling with massive bouquets of flowers and rocked on some party shoes and ready-to-twirl dresses.


Bloom & Wild x Boden - Freddie Harrel


You know the show off in me absolutely loves a maxi dress, for the grace and the overall royal aura it spills on me. Chuck some flowers in the background (make them Bloom and Wild, I first gave them a try last year and they deliver gorgeous bouquets right inside your mailbox – yup, it’s possible) and you’re ready for coronation. So if you were looking for a dress to wear to a wedding as a guest this season, this might be it. And if you’re more after a vintage feel or let’s say B.B homemaker goes for Sunday lunch with the in-laws, I have a splash of polka dots for you. Make it monochrome to pair it with the bright lippy of your choice (I should have gone for red!!), and if the in-laws bail out at the last minute, swap your heels for a pair of hi-tops. It’s occasionwear but without the occasion, and we’re all entitled to it. Now try to tell me we aren’t!


And if you were after something brighter, the girls at Belle and Bunty and Rosie from The Londoner got you covered but you can also check the rest of the new collection here.

It was such a fun day, I had the giggles non-stop! So much that I didn’t mind so much my terrible eyebrows, which I’ve fixed last week, you’d be happy to learn (if you’ve been following me for sometimes you know that I have the worst brow game, since that day before my wedding the lady threaded them all out I’ve grown scared of touching them!)

But all in all, I’m adding Boden to my list of feel good shopping destinations, and should you literally want to hop on the wagon, they’re touring the UK with Bloom and Wild with flower arranging classes and 20% off the new occasionwear collection!


Have a smashing Sunday!

Lots of love, always

Freddie x

Outfit Details:

Maxi dress | Boden

Polka dots dress | Boden

Red sandals | Boden

Polka dots heels | Boden

Bloom & Wild x Boden - Freddie Harrel

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  1. catherine March 6, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    I love your blog freddie! its so beautiful and inspiring!! <3

  2. Taylor March 29, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    Obsessed with your style. You have an amazing website…congrats!
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