UPDATE Dec 2017: POSITION FILLED – Thanks to everyone who applied!

Hi guys,

I have an exciting job opportunity to share! I’m looking for a Private Personal Assistant to work with me across my two businesses (personal brand + Big Hair No Care). See Rihanna and Melissa? I need that partner in crime.

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Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind

Hey guys,

Happy Monday – Hope you had a lovely weekend! Something about the moon (so I’m told) changed last week and a lot of exciting things happened! For one I hosted a SHE Unleashed Workshop, the first in a while, and it was amazing to step back into it! All courtesy of Birchbox really! They’ve recently launched a collaboration with Oliver Bonas (if you’re obsessed with cool prints too, search no more) and the theme is Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind.

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With the power of social media, makeup is on the rise and accessible to all, with countless tutorials and reviews online to turn the least skilled among us into real artists (you have to say it to believe it, eh!). Although I’m always super excited to try new tricks, I also think that it’s important to have this conversation about makeup and its purpose. Especially now that we’re seeing it everywhere and wearing it much earlier. I wouldn’t want younger girls to get into it for the wrong reasons, which is why I’m beyond excited to be part of the new No7 campaign!

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It’s quite sad that I have no qualms saying this, but my best fashion ally at the moment is that fluffly, dribbly little rugrat, Hugo Harrel. Whenever I get a chance to win with him, I jump on it! He has no say in it (so far…), and we look super cute – it’s a done deal for Monsieur Couscous and I! But until they make mom jeans and stripy blazers in his size, we’ll go for the obvious details starting with shoes, trainers to be precise, like the #YoungAthletes we are, eh!

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