August 2017


Hi guys!

Me, again, bragging about yet another successful trip to TK Maxx! I’ve partnered up with the gem hoarder to treasure hunt in their shops and online and will be talking through my hauls over the next few months. Last week we looked into summer bits for me, but this week we’re hunting for the little rugrats because right now TK Maxx has an extra big delivery of everything you need for your kids in store, and I’m not just talking clothes but accessories, toys, nursery products, baby gifts, and more!

With dribble running faster than a dripping tap and a growth rate set to defy light speed, we’re never not kitting out Hugo. We also have a professional snatcher on our hands, who’ll grab and bang whatever’s in your hands (or on your head, and that includes your hair, its roots and follicles) making feeding time more challenging than a Jenga game.

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