January 2016

My inner diva-meets-Solange-meets-Kermit

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this dress! I came across it in the pop-up my friends at antidotestreet.com had at BoxPark over the New Year, I was giving a talk to a group of awesome women that day, it was definitely an evening full of crushes, one of the biggest being that dress. But you got that, right? I mean… Where does one start?! Can I be buried in that dress?

It’s so graceful, whilst the colour is bold and daring, the sleeves are huge and dramatic, the length elongates the legs and pair with these boots, your calves are daring anyone to come and mess with you.

So who can I channel with such a piece?

Well, meet my inner diva-meets-Solange-meets-Kermit:

– Her makings: Massive grin Kermit style (how can you not with such an outfit?), bold shapes, legs out, minimal accessories to allow the main piece to do the talk (but with hints of other colours cause she’s a smiler)

– The best thing about her: the grace of the outfit gives her this instant confidence mixed with a positive and almost wise attitude (she makes sure she sits crossed-legs and squints here and there like she’s roayalty)

– When does she come out:
On a Fri or Saturday evening out, on a family celebration (she makes my mother think that she did a great job raising me) on a fancy night, or on an important event if I need extra confidence.

– Her drink of choice:
Vodka & Tonic – with a straw, of course.

What do you guys think? Which one of your characters would that dress help channel?

Lots of love,

Freddie x



Outfit Details:

– Dress: GREY
– Boots: Topshop (old)
– Bag: Missoni, shopped on Vestiaire Collective.




HAPPY NEW YEAR you beautiful people!!!! 2015 has been epic, and I’m going to tell you more on that very soon!

But first, a quick outfit inspiration!

There’s so much going on at the moment, with the launch of the SHE Unleashed Workshop on the 20th, there’s a lot to work on before that, such as the press launch next week! Eeeeek, but very scary at the same time! But we don’t mind scary in 2016, and I’m bringing quick confidence boosting videos your way every week on YouTube. YouTube is by the way, one of these things I need to tell you about because I have very cool content in store for you!

But before I can update you, meet my inner 70s urban highness! 70s because this roll neck could easily have time travelled to my wardrobe, highness because I always feel like I’m sitting on the top of the world when I wear heeled over-the-knee boots, as if I was perched on a horse really (and when I look at the way they make my thighs look, I definitely feel like I’m riding a strong and graceful horse hehe) and urban because the camo dress comes and take the glam edge off off the boots. I love over-the-knee boots, even if they can be very tricky to style (but I have a video about it coming this week!), but I sometimes find them too sexy for my like. I was feeling quite badass and powerful, yet I was feeling romantic too, hence the roll neck chucked in the mix!

My inner 70s urban highness is much appreciated come the weekend, I get to take my grin around whilst feeling comfy and warm, yet noticed! You don’t want to cross her though, but I’m telling you this only if the camo print failed to tell you so, she has a fierce spring in her step and is more the bottled IPA type than the red wine one.

What do you think? Don’t forget to post your outfits/characters on Instagram using #MyCharactersUnleashed – I really hope this makes you want to explore yourself and your style more!

DON’T FORGET THE WORKSHOP! Tickets are selling as we speak 🙂 Get yours here (hint: it’s only £30!)



– Dress: ASOS (on sale!)

– Boots: Aldo

– Top: Zara



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