January 2016

The Superwomen Series | Naomi Mdudu

The Superwomen Series interviews women doing great things in their fields and discusses their relationship with their confidence and inner-power, as opposed to the standard format or asking about their career path, which can be daunting when one cannot relate to the other’s experience. But part of their success comes from the strong relationship they have with themselves and that’s what we are focusing on.

In this first episode, we’re talking with Naomi Mdudu, editor and founder of The Lifestyle Edit.

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my inner boss-lady-on-the-delivery

When it comes to style, both the 70s and 80s are my favourite eras! They’re my go-to trends when I’m feeling cool and comfy. I love how strong both the shapes and tones are, and how one single piece can embody a whole mindset.

I found this jumpsuit in the Zara sale (I’m taking a break from shopping, but when the Zara sale drops – there’s no self-control. Although this was a neat £12, not much to sweat here if you ask me), the minty colour and mohair feel are simply magical. Paired with one of my go-to shirts and these badass yet super comfy platforms, I’m ready to run around all day whilst looking highly huggable and fresh (I was tempted to throw a pair of shades in the mix).

So who can I channel with such an outfit?

Well, meet my inner boss-lady-on-the-delivery:

– Her makings: Very simple! It’s one of my everyday character! It usually takes one original and bold piece like this jumpsuit, comfy shoes and an Oxford shirt. Usually paired with a fancy bag or a backpack, to contrast with the rest.

– The best thing about her: She loves to work, she loves a challenge. She has a power dance she’s dying to show anyone walking past her. She’s bubbly and creative.

– When does she come out: On any given weekday really. I absolutely love a jumpsuit or dunagrees and the freedom they seem to give to my limbs. She sits crossed-legs and it seems to make her type emails faster. Go figure!

What do you guys think? Which one of your characters would that jumpsuits help channel?



Freddie x



Outfit details:

– Jumpsuit: Zara
– Shirt: Daisy Street (old)
– Brogues: Zara
– Handbag: Baraboux at Fenwick