June 2015


Being in the early days of what I like to call, “my solo career” (feeling like a Beyoncé, who just left the amazing Destiny’s Child to be even more incredible on her own, makes it easier to cope with those days when I catch myself at my desk, throwing jokes at myself) I wanted to change up the design of this site a bit, with a few words in the header describing myself. I thought about “feminist” but a part of me was nervous to blatantly brand myself so. I guess this question has been in the back of my mind for a little while now. And as much as I’d prefer not to admit it now, I think it was because, I didn’t know where I myself stood.

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Our bodies are coded and costumed to turn us into easily identifiable men and women, creating artificial divisions in society and limiting the identities that people of any gender feel confident performing
Emer O'Toole, 'Girls will be girls'
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And you could think that I look crazy, but you’d also know that I probably don’t have any spare hoot to give. And if you have any yourself, throw them away. Chuck them in the bin, and chuck your bin in a bigger bin. No hoots shall ever be given on here. None.

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