March 2015


You know by now that you’re more likely to bump into me wearing a pair of (unflattering) jeans. I sort of bagged the “denim expert” tag back in my days at ASOS. They’re like the cheese to my enchilada, or more like the crack to my pipe given that I own almost 20 pairs of them. And my obsession and I are having a terrific year. Yep, 2015 is to be marked with a heavy denim stamp.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m all about simplicity when it comes to clothes. I might not look it, given that I tend to look like a rainbow on speed most of the time, but I have a soft spot for simple costumes (mostly on crazy Freddie’s days off). And that’s when jumpsuits jump out of my bag of tricks.

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We probably need to blame the likes of Tippex (you do remember though!) or more recently, Photoshop and all these sorts of editing wizards, for drilling in our heads the silly thought that, everything needs to be complicated. Not just flawless, but plain tedious and complicated. Got a pink ticket for the night? There you are, D-2, threading, shaving, peeling, squatting, exercising (crying???). Only to end up staring at your wardrobe, your eyes filled with contempt at the sad sight of a sign that seems to virtually say “Nothing to wear”.

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