February 2015

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Hi gang!

This way for a recap of my last daily outfits!

Tons of kisses,
Frankie x

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I don’t know about you, but as a child, I would hate when my mum would put me in those matchy-matchy sets. You know, the cute floral shirt and its cute matching flippy skirt. The ultimate good girl kit, which once on would guarantee you a cheek pinch from your mom’s friend, followed by an (unnecessary) uber patronising compliment. All while your mom would leave with a nod of approval from said friends, saluting the great job she was doing in raising you.

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Blame it on my French origins or my (sadly abandoned) dream to be a mobster, but I’ve been obsessed with stripes since sliced bread made an appearance. You might think of it as a plain print, it’s been overused over time and we see stripes everywhere. But think again, there’s an art to it. Why do you even think zebras are so cool? See! There’s so much fun to be had, so much attitude to be earned – you just need to get involved darling! Lucky I got you sorted, eh?!

Stripy smooches,
Frankie x

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I know winter comes with all sorts of temptations like caving in for a whole weekend to get seriously involved with a new boxset (I’ve just discovered Revenge, the bags under my eyes are not Prada but Netflix!) , munching on anything with melted cheese or chocolate in it. Another temptation is to not bother with clothes, at all. Eventually, you also find yourself losing all hope in the now utopian thought that is looking cool in winter.

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