January 2015

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I know many of you are currently looking forward to the 1st of Feb. I’m looking at you my brave dry and/or slim January preachers! That 1st sip of wine, that first bite of cheeseburger is most likely going to feel like a pair of slippers after a 10-hour hike in the Himalaya in 15” heels so hang in there son. Dramatic much? Me? I’m French, so red wine is 100% part of my five a day. The idea of giving up what’s as important as broccoli for 30 days gives me hives! Sue me. You can’t do drama like I can.

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OH HEY 2015 !

Hi guys,

Usual apologies coming your way. Sorry for my lack of posts but, not really sorry because this time off work was beyond blissful! I got to regroup, sleep and eat tons!

But I’m back now and would like to start off by wishing you guys an amazing new year! As I look back at 2014, I have plenty of things to feel grateful for and it starts with you, my uber cool readers/followers – I really want to thank you all for your never ending support, kind words and encouragements. Social media is a tricky one, it’s useful in so many ways but devastating in many others. It’s amazing that I get to share a bit of my world with you guys but I find Instagram an avid source of complexes and unproductive introspection. For example, I’ve come to realise that I come across super confident, but I am not. If anything, I’m the total opposite. But I’d love to thank you again because thanks to you, I feel so much stronger, confident and validated despite my quirks and my taste for anything unflattering, in a world where we promote blatant sexiness more and more. But don’t get me started on that!

Actually do, please do. Let’s make this post my new year toast and the photos can be the sparkly complementing the 1st post of 2015. Whatchathink?!

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