October 2014

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Some of you had a sneak peak of the super swanky day I had to pleasure to spend with L.K. Bennett and Blow end of September on Instagram. Think suite at the Savoy hotel, lobster club sandwich at Kaspars, champagne and cupcakes mani. Throw a black dress tribute in the mix and on that first day of Paris Fashion Week, you’ve just bumped into a really happy London based Parisian girl!

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I should have been a boy really – cause I surely dress like one sometimes. Here is a quick video to get you started with tailoring. It can feel quite overwhelming or you might be thinking that unless you’re going to a wedding, bar mitzvah or the interview of your life (although, do people still wear suits to interviews??), tailored pieces have nothing to do with you. But it’s much much more fun than that – and so is that video with the constant blinking, use of “like” and “so” (criiiiiiinge) but bear with me, I intend to be the master of videos soon ahah!