October 2014

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You’ll have to excuse the noise on these pictures which is in no way the result of some kind of post Walden filter edit. This is not Instagram here. It’s rain. See how we work here? We’re ready to deliver some fresh fashion content right to your screen, comes rain or shine. That’s how dedicated we are and that’s how blessed you are, for meeting such devoted people. 

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For those of you already having enough of culottes, you’re in for an upcoming breakdown since the Spring Summer 2015 catwalks recently made it clear that culottes are here to stay. So just brace yourself and embrace the wide legged frenzy.

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Because autumn is like heeey I’m here let’s hang and you can’t turn such an offer down (unless you have the amount of pounds needed to relocate to Belize or Costa Rica – in which case, hook me up puh-lease!) you’re looking into ways to make it work between you and your new chilly bud. Now the temptation is to wrap yourself into layers and layers of clothes and I wouldn’t blame you. If anything, I’d take off my gloves and high-five you!

But before you go ahead and layer up like it’s a lasagne party, I have a few tips for you – wrists display and all, now get watching!

Forehead kiss,

Frankie x

ASOS Contrast Boysy Backpack, Suede Ankle Boots, Vintage Faux Fur Coat, Embroidered Maxi Dress, i go by frankie, asos personal stylist, freddie tietcheu, frederique tietcheu


We’re three weeks into autumn and as much as I was excited about the new season, I’m that type of girl who will bid farewell to things and crave them once they’re gone. But I’ve stopped doing that with boys ages ago so I’m still winning somehow. Count your blessings or watch what you wish for – the lesson hangs in one of these sayings.

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