August 2014

warehouse denim dress, asos fold over pink clutch, clutch, denim dress, nike internationalist, afro, igobyfrankie, frederique tietcheu, freddie tietcheu, asos personal stylist


Looking back at my last few posts, you must start thinking that my only way is flamboyant or else and that I probably belong on a float at the next Gay Pride (I was working during the Notting Hill Carnival, some of us had to take that one for the team and sustain the English economy while you lot where downing cans of Red Stripes while twerking against the Notting Hill Gate station staircase – classy) but I do dress quite normal (meaning I can only wear one bright colour at once) most of the times but don’t necessarily blog about it. So this is my erratum people, a sober Frankie for you then.

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shell crop top, cropped top, jersey shorts, co-ord, co-ordinates, mix and match, fold over clutch, clutch bag, afro, igobyfrankie, frederique tietcheu, asos, asos personal stylist


Surely at some point this summer you must have got enough of hearing the word co-ord, probably because people love to use these freshly-added-to-the-fashion-dictionnary words thinking it gives them some sort of style authority and a membership to a small and secret fashion society or maybe because WTF does co-ord mean?! Co-ordinates (not even sure why this one had to be shortened), just a matching outfit in other words, usually a printed one. Well if you were looking for me those past 2 months, I was that walking tapestry sipping on that large glass of Côtes de Provence at the table next to yours.

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