April 2014

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So recently I told you that we were actively looking for a new flat, and that we found one. I’ll let you imagine the shenanigans that went with the move and this explains my lack of posting on the blog . A knackered Frankie then. But I’m currently surfing on that hey-I-have-a-new-place-let’s-go-to-Ikea high and pretty much feel like I’m sitting on the top of the world. Top of the world? Try the top of Shoreditch.

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Last Monday I celebrated my 3rd year in England and I was quite ashamed to realise that apart from London, Brighton and Weymouth (yes, Weymouth) I hadn’t paid much attention to England past the M25. That’s when the Queendom and I decided to celebrate our 3 year love affair anniversary with a UK tour. First stop, we rode the National Express to Oxford. No Oyster Card! See? We’re badass like that.

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