August 2013


First things first. This is my 1st post – whoop whoop!

Now. I absolutely love denim, it’s my go-to style most days. Whether I can’t be bothered to pick an outfit (jeans + t-shirts are a classic, right?) or I’m looking for a casual-slash-dressed-up style (inching the whole thing up with heels), I just throw denim on myself. Oh and lipstick. It always makes you look far more expensive than you really are (or feel: bright lipsticks are great when hungover, trust me.)


I found this awesome shirt in the Zara sale a few weeks ago, a real bargain. Shame you can’t really see the shades with more details but basically the top is some sort of ashy black and the bottom a coated textured sky blue.

I’ve paired it with some simple black jeans from H&M and what the boy calls the bollock crushers: those freaky shoes shopped at ASOS.



Now paint your lips and off you go 😉

Frankie x



Right. You have absolutely no idea about the whole drama behind this blog. It took me months to finally launch it when millions of people launch theirs every week.

Why? Let me share with you a piece of my crazy mind:

“I’m way too shy for this shit” – “Who launches a blog in 2013? I’ve snoozed, I’ve lost” – “Does it make me a smug douche bag if I post pictures of myself?”

Those who know me will tell you how good I am at making room for drama. This is my thing. If you like twisted-gone-bonkers minds, I’m your dude fo’ sho.

But on another hand, I’m actually quite awesome!

I love fashion, I love shopping; thing is, it makes me hit bankruptcy every month. So I figured I should share with you what makes me survive on a year-round pasta-butter diet. Plus, I’m your #1 bargain hunter and could get you a whole outfit (+ a glass of Merlot) for 20 quid so make sure you follow Frankie the freak!


Frankie xxx